Burglar alarms and other measures such as CCTV are important for a multitude of reasons and play a huge part in most domestic and commercial security systems. They can deter potential intruders just by being visible, while audibly dissuading others, and alerting those in the vicinity of an intrusion.


There are 4 important steps to take with every alarm or CCTV installation for your property. And they are:

  1. Surveying

The best first step is always to have a survey of your property, to have an in depth look at each security risk and potential intrusion point. Here at EES we devise a fully comprehensive report of your exact situation and look at your unique security requirements. We will then suggest an alarm and CCTV solution – this service is no obligation, but really gives you an insight into your specific needs. We can then work with you to design a tailored system.


  1. Fitting
    When attaching security measures to your property it is important that they are fitted well in order to remain effective. The experienced installation team here at Expert Trade Services are well trained in CCTV and alarm installation, whether you are a domestic or commercial client. When choosing us to fit your security gear you can dramatically reduce your properties susceptibly to intruders. Here at EES we have been approved by Safe Contractor, which means that we know how to follow all health and safety legal requirements when working on your property.


  1. Maintaining
    Once you have had your alarms installed it is vital that they are well looked after. You must maintain your alarms to guarantee that their functionality does not become impaired. You can always easily avoid damage over time to your products by looking after them. We also provide routine servicing on CCTV or any installation that we have done.


  1. Fixing

If you are having issues with any of your security gear, it is always best to get it fixed as soon as possible in order to keep your property safe.  We provide a repair service in which any immediate problems can be rapidly resolved. We also have the knowledge and equipment on hand to provide upgrades where possible for increased efficiency.

When shopping for your properties security, it’s not as simple as picking one and putting it on the wall. At EES we offer a start to finish service, where we provide you with everything for surveying, fitting, maintaining and fixing. You can find out more about our Staffordshire CCTV services here and our Staffordshire alarms services here.


If you are looking for CCTV or burglar alarms we provide all our services in Hanley, Longton, Fenton, Leek, Burslem, Tunstall, and in the surrounding area of Staffordshire. Give us a call today on: 01782 499700 to speak to one of our team directly.