An EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report – is a legally required test that must be undertaken in all rented properties. Assessing the viability and adequacy of every electrical fitting, EICRs must be carried out by an accredited electrician at least every 5 years. Even for homes and businesses that are not rented out, EICR inspections are important for checking the safety of your property’s electrics, with many insurers now requiring a valid report where members of the public are concerned. Here at Expert Electrical Services, our reputable tradesmen are experienced EICR inspectors in Stoke and Staffordshire for properties in the domesticcommercial & industrial sectors.


What is Inspected During An EICR?

Because many electrical issues cannot be seen simply by looking, EICRs are the best way to identify faults. During an EICR inspection, our skilled electricians will inspect and test everything including:

  • Any electrical damage that may affect the safety of inhabitants.
  • The earthing and bonding for all fittings.
  • Any deviations from wiring standards.
  • Potential fire and electric shock risks.

As EICR inspections require a high level of skill, it is vital that they are only carried out by electricians who have had the right additional training, and know what to search for. When you select our EICR services, you be sure that you are choosing an accredited team who are SafeContractor approved and are experienced in carrying out EICRs.


How Often Should I Have an EICR?

How often an EICR is carried out on your property depends on its designated use. As previously stated, landlords should ensure that their rented property is inspected every 5 years, to meet new legal requirements. If a landlord fails to show a recent test to prove that electrical components are safe, they could be fined up to £50,000. Because businesses are responsible for the safety of their employees, under the 1989 Electricity at Work Act, safety precautions must be taken out – so we also advise an EICR inspection every 5 years. For homeowners, we recommend having an EICR carried out whenever you suspect that your electrics are faulty, and at least every 10 years.


Arrange Your EICR with EES

If you’re concerned about electrical safety in your rented or owned property, contact our expert team to book in your EICR inspection in Staffordshire today. Call us on 01782 499700 to speak to one of our advisors.