For modern family life, having an efficient and functional electricity supply is vital. In order to keep your family safe, ensuring that your electrical supply and outlets are operating correctly is essential. Having your property rewired may seem like a huge upheaval, but that doesn’t mean it should be something that is ignored. Luckily, here at Expert Electrical Services, our electricians are experienced in providing quality rewiring services for homes across Staffordshire.


Invest In the Safety and Efficiency of Your Home

By selecting our domestic rewiring services, not only are you ensuring the safety of your family members, you are also investing in the efficiency of your household. We recommend that a periodic inspection of your home’s wiring should happen at least every 10 years. Our qualified electrical engineers will begin by assessing your unique property specifications, and are certified to undertake Electrical Installation Conditions Reports (EICR’s) to ensure your property is adhering to the latest safety regulations. Once rewiring has been established as necessary for your home, we will then arrange the process to be carried out by our accomplished electricians.


What Does Rewiring Involve?

During our electrical rewiring, all of the wiring is removed from each room of your home, before being replaced it with brand new wiring, which is safer and more reliable. Although the process does involve lifting items such as floorboards and skirting boards, our experienced electricians will ensure that this is done in the least disruptive way possible. Each of our quality electrical rewiring services is completed to a superior standard, in accordance with the latest BS7671 – or ‘18th edition’ – regulations. We also offer a host of other electrical services for the home, including CCTV and alarm systems, and LED lighting installation.


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