With the ever-increasing cost of energy in the UK, many households and businesses are considering ways that they can save on their utility bills. As lighting typically accounts for 35% of a typical business electricity bill, an easy and eco-friendly way to save is by having your system upgraded to LED lighting. Here at Expert Electrical Services in Staffordshire, we have built up a reputation as one of the leading LED installers for businesses in the area. Our experienced electricians design and install lighting systems with cheaper, easier to maintain LED products, which will reduce your outgoings and, in-turn, improve your profitability. Here are 4 key benefits to making the switch to LED:


1. LED bulbs are more durable.

For businesses with halogen spotlights in place, you may already be aware of their unreliability, with these types of bulbs needing to be replaced frequently. LED alternatives can last up to 20 times longer than traditional bulbs, saving you both the cost and time of replacements.


2. LED lighting uses less energy

In an incandescent or halogen bulb, when electricity passes through the filament, it produces a huge amount of heat before any light is produced. An LED light uses approximately 90% less energy than this, as far less wasted heat energy is emitted.


3. LED lighting is better for the environment.

In addition to LED bulbs using less energy – and therefore being better for the environment – there is another environmental benefit to them. Whereas older style bulbs need to be disposed of, LED lighting bulbs can be recycled, creating much less waste.


4. The customisation choices of LED lighting is endless.

With the ability to achieve any colour on the colour temperature chart, LEDs are endlessly customisable. At Expert Electrical Services, we can work with you to create a bespoke lighting design that suits your organisation.


Experienced LED Specialists

As experienced LED specialists, our previous installations have ranged from large industrial buildings to small commercial properties. For more information about our broad variety of LED products, and how our installation expertise can benefit your business in Stoke, contact us today. Call on 01782 499700 to get your FREE no obligation security survey.